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One of the premises in the formation of soccer players in South America, and more specifically Chilean futbol, is to develop a player with technique and tactics, which they will learn and improve during all of their formative stages, between 6 and 18 years old.


For that, we see it necessary for the future soccer player to be presented with real game situations, in which they are obligated to make decisions fast and accurately, where he/she will use perception mechanism, analysis, judgment, and execution on innumerable occasions during their training. 


  • Perfeccionating the usage of all the surfaces of the ball

  • Better the use of the leg that is less skilled.

  • Optimizing the ball hit with laces and both foot edges 

  • Improve passing game, especially offensive and defensive heading.

  • Perfect Dribbling

  • Finishing with speed and tranquility

  • Develop, work, and perfect the decision taking 


  • Activities in accordance with qualities and conditions of the player

  • Lucid, dynamic & playful activities

  • All activities will present the game, the content, the motivation, and decision-making.

  • In each action, in each activity, the five aspects of the game: technical, tactical, physical, psychological, and regulatory factors.

  • Soccer is a sport of open skills. It is a game of invasion, opposition, and collaboration, and all these characteristics of football revolve around an implementation. Even more than that, these actions’ success or failure will depend exclusively on the "ball.”

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